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FIRE announces the first EO Evangelists at the FIRE Forum 2021

We are pleased to announce the seven Earth Observation (EO) Evangelists. On this day, during the 1st FIRE Forum event, on behalf of the FIRE project coordinator, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC), Mr Emmanuel Pajot, EARSC Secretary General announced at a special ceremony during the FIRE Forum the names of the EO Evangelists.

The FIRE project is bringing forward the novel concept of EO Evangelists. During February and March, 2021 we invited through an Open Call professionals across the FIRE sectors – agriculture, energy, raw materials, infrastructure, marine & maritime, and urban development – to become the first ever EO Evangelists. The EO Evangelists are aimed to advocate the benefits of EO to the key sectors. The FIRE consortium jury selected the seven most impactful, motivated storytellers from all applications to promote the global benefits of EO. The selected EO Evangelists will promote EO at key sectoral events in a way that will resonate with their target audiences and will share how EO has helped improve business and added value. Ultimately, they will play the role of an “influencer”. We proudly present the first EO Evangelists:

  • Agriculture: Dr Ilias Pechlivanidis, Senior Researcher, SMHI / Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
  • Energy: Mrs Miriam Gonzalez, Partnerships, UP42
  • Infrastructure: Mrs Lucy Kennedy, CEO and co-founder, Spottitt Ltd.
  • Marine: Mrs Eva Haas, Head of Strategic Accounts Europe at EOMAP
  • Maritime: Dr Juan Peña, CEO, Orbital EOS
  • Raw Materials: Mrs Irene Benito, Senior Product Marketing Manager – Government, Planet
  • Urban Development: Mr Remco Timmermans, Social Media Specialist, Spaceside OÜ

I am very excited to introduce our seven EO evangelists, our influencers! The competition was very tough. We selected the best candidates on the basis of their outstanding experience in Earth Observation and their ability to communicate its benefits in different sectors. Now, their mission is to raise awareness and promote the opportunities offered by space data to all users within the FIRE key sectors.” said Mrs Natassa Antoniou, FIRE project Coordinator, EARSC.

The EO Evangelists will become the voice of the FIRE project and EO within their sector, receive professional presentation training services delivered by professional coaches as well as training related to EO capabilities.

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About FIRE

FIRE is the first initiative fully dedicated to bringing actors from key commercial sectors together to outline the now and tomorrow of their market and to use these insights to shape a strategic roadmap for the EO downstream sector. FIRE will focus on fostering the development of current and new markets and supporting capacity building activities to realise the EO-enabled benefits. During the next two years, the project will further engage sector community representatives and promote the benefits of EO among their sectors. Conclusions from these user-driven activities will ultimately be a major contribution in developing a roadmap and Research and Development strategy for EO to address the needs and challenges of the six FIRE focus sectors and beyond. The three-year project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 869634. Its consortium brings together four partners: EARSC is partnering with SMEs supporting innovation and user uptake (Evenflow and Verhaert) and the National Observatory of Athens.

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