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Browse this section to access all public deliverables of the FIRE project.

The Sectorial Cards present the current state-of-play vis-à-vis EO solution uptake for each of the market sectors. These cards communicate the state of EO in the sector ’now’ allowing informed discussion of the future: view and download.


Note on the second FIRE Forum event – FIRE Forum 2022. View and download the deliverable

For full access of recordings, press releases and other information about FIRE Forum 2022 and also FIRE Forum 2021 and FIRE Forum 2023, please visit the FIRE Forum page on the website.

Based on existing portal infrastructure a FIRE portal was constructed with specific pages for each sector: view and download the deliverable accompanying the release of the portal.


This deliverable outlines the main components of the FIRE discussions with each identified sector and how each sector could improve efficiencies and performance through the adoption of EO technologies. It will clearly lay out the research and development pathways required to achieve the desired increased uptake of services. View and download the deliverable.

For full access to the interactive version of the FIRE Roadmap as well as the PDF brochure versions of roadmaps for each sector – agriculture, infrastructure, marine & maritime, raw materials, urban development and wind energy –  please visit the FIRE Roadmap page on the website.

A press kit and communication leaflet to fire up the community’s interest in the activities and ensure maximum interest and participation in the dialogue events: view and download.


A series of 8 professional videos was created to introduce FIRE as a project and explain the EO benefits for each of the FIRE target sectors. View and download the deliverable accompanying the video series.

To see all FIRE videos, visit the different sections of the FIRE website (AboutFIRE Forum) and browse the videos on the FIRE YouTube channel.

This webinar provided training instructions for the honing of presentation skills: view and download.

Go to the FIRE YouTube channel to watch the recording of the webinar: here.


This brief note documented the sectors targeted by the Evangelists and any short- or medium-term benefits identified through these activities. View and download this deliverable.