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User dialogue

The effective interaction between the members of the FIRE community is not only one of the key objectives of the project but also an essential means for the development of the Research and Innovation Strategy. Two types of events facilitate the dialogue within the focus sectors and ensure that the dialogue is promoted further to additional sectors.

Focus Group Events

With the help of Sector Leads – champions whose “gravitational effects” to pull the market with them will be leveraged towards improving the adoption of EO solutions therein – Focus Groups will be organised in parallel with existing industry events. These Focus Groups will bring together the specific market representing all interested communities (downstream market actors, EO innovators and researchers, end-users). They will generate a working document outlining how the respective sector could benefit from increased uptake, how this could be achieved and where it may be possible to get to, in terms of EO exploitation, in the future.

FIRE Forum

This larger-scale event will take place twice within the 3-year duration of the project. Its aim is to bring together not only the EO actors but also a critical mass of non-EO players who will eventually benefit from the incorporation of EO solutions in their operational workflows. The FIRE event will use the insights generated by the Focus Groups as a primary input steering the agenda. Success stories, needs that have been met, changes in workflows leading to improved efficiencies, and other relevant sector highlights will be presented.

EO Evangelists

The FIRE project invited professionals across the FIRE sectors to advocate the benefits of EO to the potential users of EO in FIRE focus sectors. Seven impactful, motivated storytellers were selected to promote the global benefits of EO in a way that resonates with their target audiences, becoming the voice of the FIRE project and EO within their sector.