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Call for media: The FIRE Forum 2021 goes live on the 16th of June 2021

We are pleased to announce the FIRE Forum 1st event, to which we kindly invite you: A two-day international event organised by the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) and the FIRE consortium on challenges in key sectors (Agriculture, Wind Energy, Infrastructure, Raw Materials, Marine/Maritime, and Urban Development) and solutions Earth Observation can bring to them, to be hosted online, from 16-17 June 2021.

Less than two weeks to go until the livestream action begins for our main event – the FIRE Forum, June 16 2021. The 1st FIRE Forum is held alongside EXPANDEO – the major industry event where Earth Observation providers and users come together to discover market trends and to promote networking and collaboration in different sectors – taking place 16-17 June 2021.

We invite you to register and learn about the latest trends in key markets and how Earth Observation (EO) can support to overcome challenges and build improved solutions as well as to exchange with our speakers.

How can different sectors make use of Earth Observation? Join us at the FIRE Forum to learn first the conclusions to be used to shape the European Research and Innovation.

The FIRE Forum will gather a plethora of non-space actors together with EO players in order to discuss the potential benefits EO could bring to their sectors and which future EO capabilities are needed to address sectorial challenges. In this context, the results of the first stakeholder consultations between the EO industry and other sectors will be presented. The identified challenges and needs will help in shaping Europe’s Research and Innovation Strategy for Earth Observation.

The event opens 16 June, at 10:00 CET with a keynote speech and at 10:30 the announcement of the first EO Evangelists for the key sectors. Later on, parallel roundtable sessions for each of the key sectors will be held to discuss sectorial challenges, EO capabilities, and user needs – find the full Agenda on the event’s website. Alongside, EO start-ups will pitch their innovative solutions. An inspirational talk on the uptake of EO by user communities will be delivered by Mrs Fiammetta Diani, Head of Market Development Department at the newly formed EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), followed by the closing remarks of the first FIRE Forum.

The event connects multi-sectoral user communities with the EO community helping them to:

  • gain insights into the conclusions of the sectoral discussions and the trends in EO;
  • network and connect with the users, EO and sectoral innovators and corporate leaders;
  • discover the latest trends in the key sectors;
  • gain insights on how European Green Deal and the Digital Strategy, to its latent potential in meeting user and business needs. from keynote speakers,
  • get inspired on how to adopt EO solutions in the different sectors.
  • have their voice heard by bringing your challenges and needs to the discussion regarding your sector for the future evolution of EO.

We are happy to introduce to you our speakers who will share their knowledge and perspectives towards shaping the EO roadmap of tomorrow for the various markets. 

The list of our speakers and the full program of the FIRE Forum and EXPANDEO are available here.

The special package for journalists includes:

  • Ability to move in between all FIRE Forum sessions.
  • Facilitate interviews with the FIRE Forum speakers for the day in advance.
  • Facilitate interviews with the EO Evangelists for the day in advance.
  • Press kit including the Press Releases of the event, the FIRE leaflet and other promo material.

Contact us

Communication Manager Mrs. Nefeli Politi-Stergiou
email: nefeli@evenflowconsulting.eu
Tel: + 32 494 44 81 07
Project Coordinator Mrs. Natassa Antoniou
Tel: +32 487 71 19 61

You can register for the event here and to check out all our speakers here to be a part of this pivotal conversation, connecting through video meetings and interactive networking alongside the exciting panel discussions and pitching sessions.  

We are looking forward to welcoming you at The Fire Forum 2021 very soon!  

About FIRE

FIRE is the first initiative fully dedicated to bringing actors from key commercial sectors together to outline the now and tomorrow of their market and to use these insights to shape a strategic roadmap for the EO downstream sector. FIRE will focus on fostering the development of current and new markets and supporting capacity building activities to realise the EO-enabled benefits. During the next two years, the project will further engage sector community representatives and promote the benefits of EO among their sectors. Conclusions from these user-driven activities will ultimately be a major contribution in developing a roadmap and Research and Development strategy for EO to address the needs and challenges of the six FIRE focus sectors and beyond. The three-year project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 869634. Its consortium brings together four partners: EARSC is partnering with SMEs supporting innovation and user uptake (Evenflow and Verhaert) and the National Observatory of Athens.

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