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Evangelist Programme

FIRE introduces the concept of Earth Observation (EO) Evangelists who will act as ambassadors of the appropriate messages and create significant traction with non-EO actors across Europe.

EO-service uptake remains predominantly the purview of ‘early adopters’. The selected “evangelists” have a strong personal experience to share with their peers on how EO has helped them improve their business and add value and will play the role of ‘influencers’ to a range of new sectors. They are successful sector entrepreneurs who will share their experience on how they have creatively incorporated EO-based data in their workflows and the positive impact this had on their work. The “evangelists” know about commercial pain and gain points and speak the language of entrepreneurs, as opposed to ‘technical’. This makes each one a perfect medium to effectively seed new ideas in new environments with the goal of stimulating creative applications and long-term uptake of EO-based data streams.